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Zcash Protocol Specification

Build dependencies on Debian-based systems include, at least:

apt-get install texlive texlive-science texlive-fonts-extra \
  texlive-generic-recommended texlive-bibtex-extra biber latexmk



  • make sapling to make the draft specification for the Overwinter and Sapling upgrades (sapling.pdf);
  • make sprout to make a version of the specification that does not include Overwinter or Sapling.

By default these use latexmk, which does not work on all systems. Use make nolatexmk-pdf or make nolatexmk-sapling if you run into problems with latexmk, but that is not the preferred way of building because it may not run pdflatex enough times.

There is also support for using the incremental (-pvc) mode of latexmk to automatically rebuild when changes in the source files are detected: make pvcsapling or make pvcsprout. Manual intervention is still needed when there are LaTeX errors.

Optimizing PDF size

Optionally, you can use Péter Szabó's pdfsizeopt program to optimize the size of the resulting PDF files.


  • make optsapling to make an optimized version of sapling.pdf;
  • make optsprout to make an optimized version of sprout.pdf;
  • make optimized to make both.

This will probably only work on Linux. The first time one of these targets is run, it will automatically clone and build the necessary dependencies (pinned by git hash) from GitHub.

This gives a size saving of about 40-50%.

Converting to HTML

To convert to HTML you will first need to install pdf2htmlEX. On Debian:

apt-get install pdf2htmlex

Then use make html (or make optimized html) to convert both PDFs.

The results are placed in the html directory at html/sapling.html and html/sprout.html.

See https://github.com/zcash/zips/issues/127 for limitations of this conversion.