Native dependencies for sigar for pushing onto clojars
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Native Dependencies for Sigar

I've included native dependencies for Mac and Windows.

This is for pushing onto clojars following the article here

The native libs have to be compiled and then the files are put in the native directory like this:


for example, for the mac, it has to be placed:


The naming conventions are:

Mac OS X -> macosx
Windows  -> windows
Linux    -> linux
SunOS"   -> solaris

amd64    -> x86_64
x86_64   -> x86_64
x86      -> x86
i386     -> x86
arm      -> arm
sparc    -> sparc

Then jar them up:

jar -cMf sigar-native-deps-<version>.jar native

and push to cljars

scp pom.xml sigar-native-deps-<version>.jar