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(ns lucid.publish
(:require [
[file :as fs]
[project :as project]
[watch :as watch]]
[hara.namespace.import :as ns]
[prepare :as prepare]
[render :as render]
[theme :as theme]]
[ :as io]))
(ns/import lucid.publish.theme [deploy])
(def ^:dynamic *output* "docs")
(def ^:dynamic *watchers* {})
(defn output-path
"creates a path representing where the output files will go"
{:added "1.2"}
(let [output-dir (or (-> project :publish :output)
(fs/path (:root project) output-dir)))
(defn copy-assets
"copies all theme assets into the output directory
;; copies theme using the `:copy` key into an output directory
{:added "1.2"}
(let [project (project/project)
theme (-> project :publish :theme)
settings (theme/load-settings theme)]
(copy-assets settings project)))
([settings project]
(let [template-dir (theme/template-path settings project)
output-dir (output-path project)]
(prn template-dir output-dir settings)
(doseq [entry (:copy settings)]
(prn entry)
(let [dir (fs/path template-dir entry)
files (->> (fs/select dir)
(filter fs/file?))]
(doseq [in files]
(let [out (fs/path output-dir (str (fs/relativize dir in)))]
(fs/create-directory (fs/parent out))
(fs/copy-single in out {:options [:replace-existing :copy-attributes]}))))))))
(defn load-settings
"copies all theme assets into the output directory
;; {:email \"\", :date \"06 October 2016\" ...}
{:added "1.2"}
([] (load-settings {} (project/project)))
([opts project]
(let [theme (or (:theme opts)
(-> project :publish :theme))
settings (merge (theme/load-settings theme project)
(when (:refresh settings)
(theme/deploy settings project)
(copy-assets settings project))
(defn add-lookup
"adds a namespace to file lookup table if not existing"
{:added "1.2"}
(if (:lookup project)
(assoc project :lookup (project/file-lookup project))))
(defn publish
"publishes a document as an html
;; publishes the `index` entry in `project.clj`
(publish \"index\")
;; publishes `index` in a specific project with additional options
(publish \"index\"
{:refresh true :theme \"bolton\"}
(project/project <PATH>))"
{:added "1.2"}
([] (publish [*ns*] {} (project/project)))
([x] (cond (map? x)
(publish [*ns*] x (project/project))
(publish x {} (project/project))))
([inputs opts project]
(let [project (add-lookup project)
settings (load-settings opts project)
inputs (if (vector? inputs) inputs [inputs])
ns->symbol (fn [x] (if (instance? clojure.lang.Namespace x)
(.getName x)
inputs (map ns->symbol inputs)
interim (prepare/prepare inputs project)
names (-> interim :articles keys)
out-dir (fs/path (-> project :root)
(or (-> project :publish :output) *output*))]
(fs/create-directory out-dir)
(doseq [name names]
(spit (str (fs/path (str out-dir) (str name ".html")))
(render/render interim name settings project))))))
(defn publish-all
"publishes all documents as html
;; publishes all the entries in `:publish :files`
;; publishes all entries in a specific project
(publish-all {:refresh true :theme \"bolton\"}
(project/project <PATH>))"
{:added "1.2"}
([] (publish-all {} (project/project)))
([opts project]
(let [project (add-lookup project)
settings (load-settings opts project)
template (theme/template-path settings project)
output (output-path project)
files (-> project :publish :files keys sort)]
(doseq [file files]
(println "PUBLISH:" file)
(time (publish [file] settings project))))))
(defn unwatch
"removes the automatic publishing of documentation files
{:added "1.2"}
([] (unwatch (project/project)))
([{:keys [root] :as project}]
(when-let [watchers (get *watchers* root)]
(alter-var-root #'*watchers* dissoc root)
(mapv watch/stop-watcher watchers))))
(defn watch
"automatic publishing of documentation files
{:added "1.2"}
(watch {} (project/project)))
([opts {:keys [root] :as project}]
(unwatch project)
(let [files (->> project
(map (fn [[k v]]
[(-> v :input io/file) k]))
(group-by #(.getParentFile (first %))))
inputs (map (fn [[dir vs]]
(let [names (mapv #(.getName (first %)) vs)]
[(str root "/" dir)
(zipmap names (map second vs))]))
watchers (mapv (fn [[dir files lookup]]
(-> (watch/watcher [dir]
(fn [_ file]
(when-let [index (lookup (.getName file))]
(println "publish:" index)
(publish [(lookup (.getName file))] {} project)))
{:recursive false
:filter files})
(alter-var-root #'*watchers* assoc root watchers)