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(ns lucid.package-test
(:use hara.test)
(:require [lucid.package :refer :all]
[ :as project]))
^{:refer lucid.package/compile-project :added "1.2"}
(comment "creates the jar and pom files"
(compile-project (project/project)))
^{:refer lucid.package/deploy-project :added "1.2"}
(comment "creates the jar and pom files and deploys to clojars"
(deploy-project (project/project)))
^{:refer lucid.package/install-project :added "1.2"}
(comment "creates the jar and pom files and installs to local-repo"
(install-project (project/project)))
^{:refer lucid.package/sign-file :added "1.2"}
(comment "signs a file with gpg"
(sign-file {:file "project.clj" :extension "clj"}
{:signing (-> lucid.package.user/LEIN-PROFILE
^{:refer lucid.package/md5-digest :added "1.2"}
(comment "creates an md5-digest file"
(md5-digest {:file "project.clj"
:extension ".clj"})
=> {:file "project.clj.md5",
:extension ".clj.md5"})
^{:refer lucid.package/add-authentication :added "1.2"}
(comment "decrypts credentials.gpg and inserts the right authentication"
(add-authentication {:id "clojars"}
^{:refer lucid.package/create-digest :added "1.2"}
(comment "creates a digest given a file and a digest type"
(create-digest "MD5"
{:file "project.clj"
:extension "clj"})
=> {:file "project.clj.md5",
:extension "clj.md5"})
^{:refer lucid.package/add-digest :added "1.2"}
(comment "adds MD5 and SHA1 digests to all artifacts"
(add-digest [{:file "project.clj",
:extension "clj"}])
=> [{:file "project.clj.md5", :extension "clj.md5"}
{:file "project.clj.sha1", :extension "clj.sha1"}
{:file "project.clj", :extension "clj"}])
(deploy-project (project/project "../oren/project.clj"))