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(ns lucid.publish.theme-test
(:use hara.test)
(:require [lucid.publish.theme :refer :all]
[ :as project]))
^{:refer lucid.publish.theme/load-var :added "1.2"}
(fact "loads a namespaced var"
(load-var "clojure.core" "apply")
=> fn?)
^{:refer lucid.publish.theme/load-settings :added "1.2"}
(fact "load theme settings"
(keys (load-settings "stark" (project/project)))
=> (contains [:email :date :copy :tracking-enabled
:site :time :manifest :icon :defaults
:theme :author :render :tracking :resource :engine]
^{:refer lucid.publish.theme/apply-settings :added "1.2"}
(fact "applies function to the settings in the current `project.clj`")
^{:refer lucid.publish.theme/template-path :added "1.2"}
(fact "creates a template path, by default it is `./template`")
^{:refer lucid.publish.theme/refresh? :added "1.2"}
(fact "checks the `refresh` setting for the project template"
(refresh?) ;; by default, it is false
=> false)
^{:refer lucid.publish.theme/deployed? :added "1.2"}
(comment "checks if a theme has been deployed"
(deployed? (load-settings "stark" (project/project))
=> true)
^{:refer lucid.publish.theme/deploy :added "1.2"}
(comment "deploys theme into template directory"
;; deploys the stark theme to the template/stark directory
;; overwriting any content in the directory
(deploy (load-settings "stark" (project/project))