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(ns lucid.publish-test
(:use hara.test)
(:require [lucid.publish :refer :all]))
^{:refer lucid.publish/output-path :added "1.2"}
(fact "creates a path representing where the output files will go")
^{:refer lucid.publish/copy-assets :added "1.2"}
(comment "copies all theme assets into the output directory"
;; copies theme using the `:copy` key into an output directory
^{:refer lucid.publish/load-settings :added "1.2"}
(comment "copies all theme assets into the output directory"
;; {:email "", :date "06 October 2016" ...}
^{:refer lucid.publish/add-lookup :added "1.2"}
(fact "adds a namespace to file lookup table if not existing")
^{:refer lucid.publish/publish :added "1.2"}
(comment "publishes a document as an html"
;; publishes the `index` entry in `project.clj`
(publish "index")
;; publishes `index` in a specific project with additional options
(publish "index"
{:refresh true :theme "bolton"}
(project/project <PATH>)))
^{:refer lucid.publish/publish-all :added "1.2"}
(comment "publishes all documents as html"
;; publishes all the entries in `:publish :files`
;; publishes all entries in a specific project
(publish-all {:refresh true :theme "bolton"}
(project/project <PATH>)))
^{:refer lucid.publish/unwatch :added "1.2"}
(comment "removes the automatic publishing of documentation files"
^{:refer lucid.publish/watch :added "1.2"}
(comment "automatic publishing of documentation files"
(publish "lucid-unit")