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Warm-starting contextual bandits - source code

code written by Chicheng Zhang, in supplementary to the ICML 2019 paper: Chicheng Zhang, Alekh Agarwal, Hal Daume III, John Langford, Sahand Negahban, Warm-starting contextual bandits: robustly combining supervised and bandit feedback.

The relevant part of VW sourcecode is at


  • Vowpal Wabbit (VW) prerequisites (see here "Prerequisite software" for details).
  • Python >= 3.6.5
  • matplotlib >= 2.2.2
  • seaborn >= 0.9.0
  • openml >= 0.8.0


warmcb_scripts/scripts/: scripts for running the scripts for generating the CDFs

Running instructions:

Step 1: download and compile VW (follow the instructions here), ensuring that the vowpal_wabbit/ directory is at the same level as warmcb_scripts/

Step 2: Create a folder data/ at the same level as warmcb_scripts/, download all datasets evaluated in the paper from, by executing the following in warmcb_scripts/scripts/:

python 0 2000

The script will automatically download all the openML dataset and transform them into VW Format in the data/ folder (with cache file created in /data/omlcache/)

Step 3: Create a folder output/ at the same level as warmcb_scripts/. In folder warmcb_scripts/scripts, run python scripts to run the VW commands (written to output/):

python 0 1 --num_learning_rates 9

The will generate a file named 0of1.sum, which is a table that summarizes the output of VW in different experimental settings. In addition, all VW running transcripts are stored under output/dataset, where dataset is the corresponding dataset the command is run on.

Remark: we can parallelize by running python task_num n_tasks, for task_num = 0,1,..,n_tasks-1. For example:

python 0 3 --num_learning_rates 9

python 1 3 --num_learning_rates 9

python 2 3 --num_learning_rates 9

The script with split the workload to each of the executions. This will generate three files 0of3.sum, 1of3.sum and 2of3.sum, each of which records the result of each subtask.

Step 4: Plot the aggregated graphs. In warmcb_scripts/scripts/:

4.1 Generate the full aggregated plots, i.e. grouped according to epsilon only:

python --cached --filter 2 --plot_subdir all_eq/ --agg_mode all_eq

The results can be found in output/all_eq/ folder.

4.2 Generate the plots that aggregates over warm start ratios, i.e. one plot for each (epsilon, corruption):

python --cached --filter 2 --plot_subdir agg_ratio_eq/ --agg_mode agg_ratio_eq

The results can be found in output/agg_ratio_eq/ folder.

4.3 Generate the plots of individual noise condition and warm start ratio, i.e. one plot for each (epsilon, corruption, warm start ratio):

python --cached --filter 2 --plot_subdir agg_no/ --agg_mode no

The results can be found in output/agg_no/ folder.

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