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I wanted to play Hearts with three friends without the need to make an account, install an app, or get paired with strangers/robots. So I made this.

Screenshot choosing cards to trade

Screenshot playing a trick

Things it does

Please file an issue (or PR) if there is something else you want Hearts to do.

  • Lets you play Hearts with three of your friends in your browser
  • Looks decent on three screens
  • Keep score between rounds
  • Take a card back if played incorrectly
  • Rejoin if you lose connection (though this only works if at least one of your friends stayed on the page)

Things it does not do (yet)

  • Check that the move you made was allowed
    • As with Hearts live, though, you may redo your move if you made a mistake
  • Sort the cards in your hand
  • Save a game for you & your friends to return to later
  • Collect any sort of stats or keep player profiles

Tech used

The app is (more-or-less) a single-page application served via a Node Express app. The game state is handled by a Vue component, and game updates are streamed between players via

Special thanks to the Deck of Cards API for the wonderful API methods & card images.

Running locally

Make sure you have Node installed. Then,

  1. Clone the repository
  2. From inside the folder, run npm install
  3. Run npm start, and you may access Hearts locally at localhost:9090

Do whatever you want with it

Clone it. Fork it. Twist it. Bop it.


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