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A cross-platform, Python-exclusive IDE written with PyQt4.
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Pyncil is an open-source, cross-platform text editor and/or IDE, designed for Python. I know what you're thinking--oh great, another text editor "for the masses." Well, yes, but Pyncil isn't meant to storm the world of developers and usher in next-gen development. Instead, I designed Pyncil to work specifically for Python at its best, although you can easily extend it to work for other languages as well. Oh, and Pyncil was written completely in Python!


Configuring Pyncil

Pyncil is designed to be easily configurable. There is a INI configuratino file (src/config/settings.ini) which contains all the juicy settings. This is also the file in which you will need to edit for certain extension options. So far, only support for extending the syntax highlighter has been implemented.

Extending Pyncil

To add you own syntax highlighter--say, for C++--just edit the src/ext/ file by adding your own class that derives from the BaseHighlighter class within the same file. Then, in the settings file mentioned above, just set the setting for
Extensions -> Highlighter to the name of your class. So I might write a class called CPPHighlighter to support syntax highlighting for C++ and then I would set the setting to CPPHighlighter. More details on the actual implementation of your class are found in the file.

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