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A simple Python text editor
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Pyrite is a bare-bones Python text editor that keeps things minimal, yet still maintains a rich-looking design, which is fully customizable.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Manual code-completion
  • Toggle-able line numbering
  • Customization of coloring via settings file
  • Common text editor features

Customizing the Colors

To change the colors, open the settings.xml file. This file is easily-understandable XML. To set the color value for a given item simply edit the value between the angled brackets that correspond to that item. All color values should be in 6-digit hexadecimal format like so:
Pure Red: #FF0000
Pure Green: #00FF00
Pure Blue: #0000FF


Here's an example demonstrating changing the color for a line comment to pure red. Simple find the following block in the settings.xml file and change the value for the color tag

<style type="python">
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