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package json
import (
// Marshal produces a JSON representation of the given value that can later
// be decoded into a value of the given type.
// A type is specified separately to allow for the given type to include
// cty.DynamicPseudoType to represent situations where any type is permitted
// and so type information must be included to allow recovery of the stored
// structure when decoding.
// The given type will also be used to attempt automatic conversions of any
// non-conformant types in the given value, although this will not always
// be possible. If the value cannot be made to be conformant then an error is
// returned, which may be a cty.PathError.
// Capsule-typed values can be marshalled, but with some caveats. Since
// capsule values are compared by pointer equality, it is impossible to recover
// a value that will compare equal to the original value. Additionally,
// it's not possible to JSON-serialize the capsule type itself, so it's not
// valid to use capsule types within parts of the value that are conformed to
// cty.DynamicPseudoType. Otherwise, a capsule value can be used as long as
// the encapsulated type itself is serializable with the Marshal function
// in encoding/json.
func Marshal(val cty.Value, t cty.Type) ([]byte, error) {
errs := val.Type().TestConformance(t)
if errs != nil {
// Attempt a conversion
var err error
val, err = convert.Convert(val, t)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
// From this point onward, val can be assumed to be conforming to t.
buf := &bytes.Buffer{}
var path cty.Path
err := marshal(val, t, path, buf)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return buf.Bytes(), nil
// Unmarshal decodes a JSON representation of the given value into a cty Value
// conforming to the given type.
// While decoding, type conversions will be done where possible to make
// the result conformant even if the types given in JSON are not exactly
// correct. If conversion isn't possible then an error is returned, which
// may be a cty.PathError.
func Unmarshal(buf []byte, t cty.Type) (cty.Value, error) {
var path cty.Path
return unmarshal(buf, t, path)
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