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What's New

  • New Bitcoin Core 0.13
  • Improved sync times with fresh syncs in 2-3 hours.
  • TOR stream isolation when using TOR
  • Greater reliability and connection with nodes
  • HD Wallet support

Before upgrading to this version:

  • Backup your wallet.dat to a new location or do so by going to File > Backup
  • Browse to your Zcoin directory
    • Linux ~/.zcoin
    • Mac ~/Library/Application\ Support/zcoin/
    • Windows %appdata%\zcoin
  • Delete all files and directories there except wallet.dat
  • Run the new executable binary

Note: can be used but you will get a message that you will need to rebuild the database. Just say yes. If you are using command line, please use the -reindex flag.

If you get an error "Error loading block database." it means you didn't clear your Zcoin directory's files as above.

MD5 Digest:
Windows: 0a3fc1086c759e21fb58002fe9990552
Mac: e6304058b22a2dd31ebaf0b999937a86
Linux: 571849b3af8d77e22b6d32dadc5a69a4

Known Bugs:

  • Do not do Zerocoin spend transactions until your mint has 7 confirmations. Currently GUI allows it with 6 confirmations only. This will be fixed in next release.
  • When doing Zerocoin mint or spend, make sure you have good connectivity to nodes and do a backup before and after you do a mint just to be on the safe side so you can always restore if it doesn't go through. We are investigating some edge cases where the mints/spends don't confirm. This will improve when more nodes upgrade to the new version.