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@a-bezrukov a-bezrukov released this Oct 10, 2018 · 1100 commits to master since this release


Optional upgrade if not using Exodus features.

Exodus is a port of Omni that acts as a smart contract layer that allows tokenization on top of Zcoin's blockchain and also can serve as a decentralized exchange for these custom tokens.

Exodus is a two layer solution that doesn't affect Zcoin consensus rules and 13.6.8 is an optional upgrade.

Exodus GUI elements are enabled by adding showExodusUi=1 to zcoin.conf (disabled by default).


  • Enables Exodus support
  • Reduce Dandelion logging


  • Version: v0.13.6.8- SHA256 Hashes:
    • Windows Installer: 496fd28f4ca1315b9145e028dfe33803c6e05e57e8d6134a0a7c04519545b547
    • Windows exe: e21030d579b9670c6b10acd4241b5bafe94c17ca377a92b3c05d8d4ffdf06e76
    • Linux: 9ffaa2c944295ca0480e7f25785384d59e558c0fcbbfc67f67063fbf40ffd3da
    • macOS: 4f35f5a43f9243c249947ed945239046858b443cfa3067cf5594bd9e28145e3c
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