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Mandatory Upgrade

Please backup your wallet before upgrading to this version. To do this, navigate to File > Backup Wallet and save the file to a secure location.

We will likely publish an in-between maintenance release to improve Znode reliability and streamline Exodus code.

If you are not keen on doing another upgrade before December, you can put it off for a while.

For Users

Client versions older than will stop working with the hard fork. Please upgrade your clients before December 10th.

For Znode owners

If you do not upgrade your Znode, you will stop receiving rewards after the hard fork. In order to keep receiving rewards, please upgrade your Znode to or higher, at any point in time between now and December 10th.

A new Znode start should not be required.

For guidance on how to upgrade your Znode, please refer to: https://zcoin.io/znode-upgrade-guide/

Miners and Pools

We welcome development of miners for the MTP algorithm. djm34 has come up with some reference ccminer for Nvidia and is in the process of releasing CPUminer code.

JCThePants from Mintpond has done some amazing work in implementing a MTP reference stratum, a simple node hasher and verifier and a BOS serializer library and Jansson fork. He is also running the first MTP pool on testnet!

Please update pools before December 10th 2018.


  • MTP hardfork date confirmed on 2018 December 10th 12:00 UTC
  • Enables the ability to do multiple Zerocoin mints from a single input after hard fork date.
  • Adds a 2 factor authentication for dumpwallet and dumpprivkey commands due to scammers using it to cheat people to give them their private keys as discussed in #290.


  • Version: v0.13.7.1
  • SHA256 Hashes:
    • Windows Installer: 43981fe89ddef6597ae0c0ecea88e14594b73accbe399a278c8869f8f8679323
    • Windows exe: 02a92bf0c6ffbe554476f5eb1c504d6b0aac787607791849a93b28bf2be1f263
    • Linux: 73f55d6394566a01a628be966c2f4389805d0a42cd9502d51fd3d22910f1487a
    • macOS: 451a4d0111cc4537456ebb2def5442852c9d4af18d5982206dd2b92f5d627ab0