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Mandatory Upgrade

Please backup your wallet before upgrading to this version. To do this, navigate to File > Backup Wallet and save the file to a secure location.

For Users

This is a mandatory upgrade. Please upgrade to as soon as possible as previous versions have a sync bug.

For Znode owners

Even if you have previously upgraded to a 0.13.7.x version, please upgrade to as soon as possible, regardless which version you are on.

If your Znode appears to be in NEW_START_REQUIRED state or if an abnormally high number of other notes seem to be in that state, please stop zcoind, delete zncache.dat and znpayments.dat from the .zcoin folder, and start the daemon again.

For guidance on how to upgrade your Znode, please refer to:

For mining pools

Please do update pools to as it contains a difficulty fix.


  • Sets the block time interval to 5 minutes at block 118600
  • Fixes a bug with difficulty calculation


  • Version: v0.13.7.5
  • SHA256 Hashes:
    • Linux: d056f8944f75f0d662c7f7ed6ed2f82bf669ee440f1d29c9533c9bc57d53e9ba
    • macOS: 3e27b9ac3c3073dc1987c4d3d25d67daf077a2b731906fe777c7e7d57665e2c8
    • Windows Installer: 2875e1dcc8679dafe1d567f146d0a6b9fb0bd65b0a747bd0608f2699299422b8
    • Windows exe: 1cc568e662a17e682c472c0c6ceb2fb3775651a2835da0374bbc202b922732d1
  • The signatures can be verified with this public key.
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