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@a-bezrukov a-bezrukov released this Apr 24, 2019 · 1365 commits to master since this release


As per our previous disclosure, this is a mandatory security update to disable Zerocoin until Sigma is ready to roll out.

Existing Zerocoin mints will not be lost and there will be a method to recover them once Sigma is launched.

For Users and Znodes

Please update as soon as possible. Hard fork happens at Block 157,000 in approximately 2 days time.


  • Disable Zerocoin mints and spends in preparation for Sigma

Known Issues

  • Slow wallet startup
  • Transactions show wrong date and is sorted wrongly

A maintenance release will be made soon.


  • SHA256 Hashes:
    • Linux: 17a2c173583b0e3eb51db0f049592b646d82fc5b3ac3979a143c25ae38f5e2a8
    • macOS: 5b60dc414b60edde3298a621f3407e167495314affe5dbc9b5b0a1d150606e14
    • Windows Installer: d990a2a50010b4bede79d1bb5be295994f158bbac5ea6cdbda9d9716448a21b0
    • Windows exe: 5b95f0bafd648eba2f27f4a7dc2ad00bb9d02daa36fe992e8827bccafee84584
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