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@a-bezrukov a-bezrukov released this Jul 9, 2019 · 53 commits to master since this release

v013.8.1 will be repalced by v0.13.8.2 due to change in Sigma generators to allow public verifiability of randomness of the generators.


This is a mandatory upgrade for all users, Znodes, mining pools and exchanges to enable our Sigma privacy protocol. Hard fork and Sigma functionality occurs on block 182030 (approximately 23 July 2019)

Sigma functionality will remain greyed out until hard fork date.

Please note that this release uses a new wallet format which will not be backward compatible. Please backup your wallet prior to updating to this version for safety!

A reindex is not required unless you upgrade past the hard fork date.


  • Sigma privacy protocol replacing Zerocoin
  • Sigma mints are backed up using HD seed key.
  • New QT GUI to simplify Sigma mints/spends
  • MTP verification performance improved by 20-30%
  • Will detect unspent Zerocoin mints and prompt to remint to Sigma mints


  • SHA256 Hashes:
    • Linux: 085ef27e1f2f5da79a9934a9055d2996ee6b78ad6263c602bd20ffb7fdc7f6e3
    • macOS: 48d7943601fd35a2e301ee7475ed7351fae264d500a962d417c21639f03cf3d0
    • Windows Installer: a48857d594750d7c18adccf555a159ff577ebf7735dad3b9d6cd7af3d30cdc8f
    • Windows exe: 83888ff29abf359cb995056ba0a6b34500e1f395901f43329764d142f346af93
  • The signatures can be verified with this public key.
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