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@a-bezrukov a-bezrukov released this Jul 17, 2019 · 394 commits to master since this release


This is a mandatory upgrade for all users, Znodes, mining pools and exchanges to enable our Sigma privacy protocol even if you're previously on v.13.8.1.

Hard fork and Sigma functionality occurs on block 184200 (approximately 8.00 AM UTC 30th July 2019) which moves forward previous hard fork date by 7 days.

Sigma functionality will remain greyed out until hard fork date.

Please note that this release uses a new wallet format which will not be backward compatible to versions older than 13.8.1. Please backup your wallet prior to updating to this version for safety!

A reindex is not required unless you upgrade past the hard fork date.


  • Sigma generator g changed from hard coded scalar multiplication on a secp256k1 standard generator to the hash of the base point of the secp256k1 library to allow for public verification. PR 516
  • Adjusted Sigma activation date to block 184200. PR 522
  • Hardening of acceptance of Sigma mints PR 519
  • v13.8.1 is banned from the network effective 22 July 2019 PR 520
  • Consider dandelion mempool (stempool) in mempool check for Sigma mints PR 521

Special Notes

Those using wallets that were created prior to v0.13.2.4 which was released on 19 September 2017 will find that Sigma functionality is disabled because those wallets do not have HD support.

Please move those funds to a new wallet that has HD support by creating a new wallet or dumping the old wallet using dumpwallet command and then using importwallet on your new wallet.

Remember not to accept any help from strangers or people private messaging you offering to help. No Zcoin team member will ever do this!

We are also working on a fix for those who have existing unspent Zerocoin mints on a legacy non-HD wallet.


  • SHA256 Hashes:
    • Linux: 468a7b5c030a04e4c38ce23821d331f215ccf0665dec10c1001b357a8fbe196c
    • macOS: 08de75c2986066574a62a291211ae24267b05eb4da0badbcbfaa2dd717ccd7e1
    • Windows Installer: 40f686e9550d14bd29cb24e657fbe9a43384dfc9a1b00b2088e9df4d6b6a46ea
    • Windows exe: 9d640c0772084593ec80d69e364fbd4b369735025ebad7e96a0520c2bb89ddb9
  • The signatures can be verified with this public key.
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