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Why do my Sigma mints remain as pending even though they have the necessary confirmations?

Reuben Yap edited this page Aug 16, 2019 · 4 revisions

There is a bug on those with wallets that upgraded to 13.8.1 and then 13.8.2 where Sigma mints appear as pending: despite having more than 6 confirmations.

This is due to an incorrect index being generated for the mint pool database functions. This is fixed in release 13.8.3.

To fix a wallet that is experiencing this bug:

  1. Open up your wallet and go to Help > Debug Window > Console
  2. Unlock your wallet by typing walletpassphrase YOURPASSWORD 60
  3. Type regeneratemintpool. If there is a database error, it will show Mintpool issue corrected. Please shutdown zcoin and restart with -reindex flag. Shutdown Zcoin.
  4. Restart Zcoin with zapwalletmints flag such as zcoin-qt.exe -zapwalletmints in command line or console and wait for it to complete reindex. Mints should be marked as available now.
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