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Zcoin Info

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Name: Zcoin

Ticker: XZC

Consensus Algorithm

Method: Proof of Work

Algorithm: Merkle Tree Proofs (MTP)

Avg. Block Time: 5 minutes (288 blocks/day)


Protocol: Sigma (to be replaced with Lelantus)

Anonymity set size: ~15,000

Trusted setup: No

Proof size: ~1.1 kB

Proof time: up to ~1.2 s

Verification time: up to ~230 ms

Network-Level Privacy


Supply: 21.4 MM

Circulating supply: click here

Block reward: 25 XZC

  • Miners: 14 XZC
  • Znodes: 7.5 XZC
  • Team & bounty wallet: 1.5 XZC
  • Seed investors: 1.5 XZC
  • Founder’s reward: 0.5 XZC

Reward halving: Every 4 years (roughly in September 2020, at block no. 305,000)

Cessation of founders rewards in September 2020


Official Block Explorer:


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