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Region Token - GMO Blockchain Open Source


License is here.

Apart from forbidding the use of this software for criminal activity, this license is similar to the MIT License.

GMO Blockchain Open Source Common License document is here.


You can check the operation of this sample project on this page.


Usage Guides

Create Cloud Blockchain environment

see Setup Development Environment

Install application

git clone --recursive
cd oss-region-token/server
npm install

Deploy contracts

  • Attention
    At September 1, 2017, truffle should be used at version 3.4.5.
    (There is a bug in web3.js related with truffle version 3.4.6 or later, and the deployment does not work properly.)
cd oss-region-token/provider
truffle migrate

Set up for Cloud Blockchain

See Basic Configuration

  • Set CNS address on admin console
    1. Open a file 'provider/build/contracts/ContractNameService.json'

    2. Use 'networks.(network-id).address' to register as CNS address on admin console

See Contract Creation Process

  • Set Contract ABIs on admin console
    1. Open following files
    1. Use 'networks.(network-id).address' and 'abi' values to register as Contract ABIs on admin console

Configure for client

Create server/public/js/config.js based on server/public/js/config_template.js. Edit "CNS" which you deployed.

Start application

cd oss-region-token
node server/app.js