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167806f Dec 27, 2017
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pragma solidity ^0.4.17;
import "./DataObjectLogic_v1.sol";
import "./VersionContract.sol";
contract DataObject is VersionContract {
DataObjectLogic_v1 public logic_v1;
function DataObject(ContractNameService _cns, DataObjectLogic_v1 _logic_v1) VersionContract(_cns, "DataObject") public {
logic_v1 = _logic_v1;
function create(bytes32 _id, address _owner, bytes32 _hash, address _cns, bytes32 _contractName) public {
logic_v1.create(msg.sender, _id, _owner, _hash, _cns, _contractName);
function createWithAllowContract(bytes32 _id, address _owner, bytes32 _hash, address _allowContract) public {
logic_v1.createWithAllowContract(msg.sender, _id, _owner, _hash, _allowContract);
function remove(bytes32 _id) public {
logic_v1.remove(msg.sender, _id);
function exist(bytes32 _id) public constant returns (bool) {
return logic_v1.exist(_id);
function isActive(bytes32 _id) public constant returns (bool) {
return logic_v1.isActive(_id);
function addAllowCnsContract(bytes32 _id, address _cns, bytes32 _contractName) public {
logic_v1.addAllowCnsContract(msg.sender, _id, _cns, _contractName);
function removeAllowCnsContract(bytes32 _id, address _cns, bytes32 _contractName) public {
logic_v1.removeAllowCnsContract(msg.sender, _id, _cns, _contractName);
function isAllowCnsContract(address _cns, bytes32 _contractName, bytes32 _id) public constant returns (bool) {
return logic_v1.isAllowCnsContract(_cns, _contractName, _id);
function addAllowContract(bytes32 _id, address _allowContract) public {
logic_v1.addAllowContract(msg.sender, _id, _allowContract);
function removeAllowContract(bytes32 _id, address _allowContract) public {
logic_v1.removeAllowContract(msg.sender, _id, _allowContract);
function isAllowContract(address _allowContract, bytes32 _id) public constant returns (bool) {
return logic_v1.isAllowContract(_allowContract, _id);
function setOwner(bytes32 _id, address _new) public {
logic_v1.setOwner(msg.sender, _id, _new);
function getOwner(bytes32 _id) public constant returns (address) {
return logic_v1.getOwner(_id);
function setHashByWriter(bytes32 _id, address _writer, bytes32 _hash) public {
logic_v1.setHashByWriter(msg.sender, _id, _writer, _hash);
function setHashByProvider(bytes32 _id, bytes32 _hash) public {
logic_v1.setHashByProvider(msg.sender, _id, _hash);
function getHash(bytes32 _id) public constant returns (bytes32) {
return logic_v1.getHash(_id);
function setReaderId(bytes32 _id, bytes32 _readerId) public {
logic_v1.setReaderId(msg.sender, _id, _readerId);
function setWriterId(bytes32 _id, bytes32 _writerId) public {
logic_v1.setWriterId(msg.sender, _id, _writerId);
function getReaderId(bytes32 _id) public constant returns (bytes32) {
return logic_v1.getReaderId(_id);
function getWriterId(bytes32 _id) public constant returns (bytes32) {
return logic_v1.getWriterId(_id);
function canRead(address _account, bytes32 _id) public constant returns (bool) {
return logic_v1.canRead(_account, _id);
function canWrite(address _account, bytes32 _id) public constant returns (bool) {
return logic_v1.canWrite(_account, _id);
function getWriteTimestamp(bytes32 _id) public constant returns (uint) {
return logic_v1.getWriteTimestamp(_id);