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Reddit bot for making mobile URLs non-mobile URLs.
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README: Demobilizer Reddit Bot

This is a bot for reddit that will find mobile links in comments and "un-mobilize" them.


  • Python 2.7
  • Praw (the Python Reddit API Wrapper): for Reddit API calls
    • To install Praw, use sudo pip install praw, or, if you don't have pip, install pip with sudp easy_install pip.

To Run:

  1. Download the script and processed.txt to a safe place.
  2. In Terminal, go to the directory of the script and run chmod +x {script_name}.py to make it executable.
  3. Put your account name and password in the script where the variables username and password are defined.
  4. Be sure to change the comment reply message in line 59 to what you want. Use Reddit markdown formatting and Python escape codes to format correctly.
  5. Run the bot with cron:
    1. cd ~
    2. crontab -e
    3. Press i to edit
    4. On a new line, put a new cronjob. I use the timing */2 * * * *, which runs every 2 minutes, 24/7. The job to be performed on this schedule should be: cd ~/Path/to/script/folder/; python {script_name}.py
    5. To exit editing and save changes, press esc, then :, then w, then q.
    6. Check that you crontab file was changed with crontab -l.
  6. Be sure to manage the bot diligently by adding banned/ignored subreddits to the list.
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