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Geometric Toy - Fulla
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Geometric Toy - Fulla at Hackathon 2014 in Slovak National Gallery.

Created by Zden Hlinka using outputs from his Geometric Photo Filter. (developing version to be released in near future allowing better geometric control) All images are based on paitings of Lubovit Fulla. Tearing Cloth by Sufflick was modified to create this small viewer capable to map vector images on cloth model. Thanks a lot for this amazing straightforward piece of physics modelling code.

links: online version: Hackathon SNG: painting of Ludovit Fulla: viewer derived from: images processed with: (new version of Geometric Photo Filter capable to export JS arrays loadable in this app will be released in near future)

changelog: V.1.0 - 29 Nov 2014 - public version featuring 40 outputs.

future: more pieces to add with WebGL support (too complex pictures for html5-canvas rendering)

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