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Django minimal example application and testing experiments.


VIRT_ENV_DIR - environmental variable containing the virtual environment path

PROJECT_ROOT_DIR - top project root directory

  • Virtual environment

  • pip

Once the virtual environment is installed, set it up in the VIRT_ENV_DIR directory:

  • virtualenv $VIRT_ENV_DIR

activate it and verify:

  • source $ENV/bin/activate
  • which pip - points to the VIRT_ENV_DIR directory
  • python -c "import django; print(django.get_version())"

Install requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Project set up

  • source $ENV/bin/activate

  • django-admin startproject MYPROJECT

The automatically created files locations were manipulated with and the paths in the files adjusted.

These files will already work as a first simple application themselves - test that the files are functional and that the application loads - start the development server.

Create a web application within the projects into which the business logic will be implemented:

python manage.py startapp pollsapp

This creates views, models, etc empty files.

Database set up - PostgreSQL

  • start and set up database (see settings.py) (database user):
createdb myapp_experiment
psql myapp_experiment

On the opened PostgreSQL console:

create user myapp_user with password 'my_very_secret_password';
alter database myapp_experiment owner to myapp_user;
alter user myapp_user CREATEDB;  # will be creating databases during testing

Set up schema for the requisite Django components (as defined in settings.py):

python manage.py migrate

Start the development server

python manage.py runserver 8080


The main test framework is py.test.

The database server needs to be up and running prior running the test suite.

Running the test suite:

source venv/bin/activate
py.test -vv -rfsX -s tests

The command will look up only in the test directory and won't pick up all the test files from Django, etc from the VIRT_ENV_DIR directory.

It's either necessary to set export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE="settings" or use the pytest.ini file with the same setting.

Assorted notes

Force re-running a migration

We want to run a previously run existing migration 0002. So we'll fake the migrations to 0001:

python manage.py migrate --fake pollsapp 0001
python manage.py migrate