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Commits on Apr 29, 2011
  1. Version bump to 0.2.7

  2. Do not use when instantiating AR models. …

    …Use form of instantiation that allows protected attributes to be set.
Commits on Apr 6, 2011
  1. Version bump to 0.2.6

  2. Version bump to 0.3.0

  3. Added :synchronize_keys to the import options so importing can synchr…

    …onize on fields beside the primary key.
Commits on Mar 19, 2011
  1. Adding in support for :synchronization option for #import. Pulled in …

    …from ar-extensions. Currently only works with MySQL since that is the only database that supports on duplicate key update functionality.
  2. Turning off warnings because FactoryGirl spews out crap and it makes …

    …it impossible to see anything useful.
  3. @franckverrot
Commits on Jan 12, 2011
  1. Version bump to 0.2.5

Commits on Jan 11, 2011
  1. Renamed #values_sql_for_column_names_and_attributes to #values_sql_fo…

    …r_columns_and_attributes and cleaned up how it dealt with columns.
    * added back in the support for type-casting based on the database column
    * removed unused method in ActiveRecord::Import::AbstractAdapter
  2. @Empact

    Simplify validations_arry_for_column_names_and_attributes with map, e…

    Empact authored committed
    …ach_with_index and Hash.
    Hash[] would be much clearer, but would leave nil values for missing attributes which doesn't match the existing behavior.
  3. @Empact

    Consolidate insert_sql between supports_import? cases so both make us…

    Empact authored committed
    …e of options[:ignore]
  4. @Empact

    Reinstate the deleting of the :validate option - not because it was c…

    Empact authored committed
    …ausing trouble, but to be a bit paranoid (reverts 63d6fae)
  5. @Empact
  6. @Empact

    Fix that values_sql_for_attributes wasn't accessing the columns with …

    Empact authored committed
    …the same indexes as the array_of_attributes, and so was sometime mismatched.
    Also return to the column_names[j] == primary_key style of testing, as the column itself is not always present
  7. @Empact

    Go more direct in the columns lookup

    Empact authored committed
  8. @Empact

    Codify import results in a Struct rather than OpenStruct, as it's a f…

    Empact authored committed
    …aster, more rigid structure
  9. @Empact

    #dup array_of_attributes a bit earlier - there's no point in duping t…

    Empact authored committed
    …he primary_key nulls we might put in next
  10. @Empact

    No reason to pull :validate out of the options hash, and it's obfusca…

    Empact authored committed
    …tory - remove.
  11. @Empact

    More simplicity, once again with #map

    Empact authored committed
  12. @Empact

    Refactor remaining supports_import? split to share code in values_sql…

    Empact authored committed
    …_for_column_names_and_attributes. This means both with properly support sequences.
    Rather than pass a ton of variables (sequence_name, columns, column_names, &c.), move the method out of the connection.  Also, use Column#primary to check primary key status.
  13. @Empact

    Extract columns_sql local more generally in #import_without_validatio…

    Empact authored committed
    …ns_or_callbacks. This is DRY-er, more consistent between the supports_import? cases and enables us to inline #quote_column_names
  14. @Empact
  15. @Empact

    Inline multiple_value_sets_insert_sql because it never changes, isn't…

    Empact authored committed
    … particularly well-factored, and for parity with "not supports_import?"
  16. @Empact

    Avoid N << method calls in #import_without_validations_or_callbacks b…

    Empact authored committed
    …y chaining #map (is simpler, should be more performant, AFAIK)
  17. @Empact

    Don't initialize options[:on_duplicate_key_update] if the adapter doe…

    Empact authored committed
    …sn't #supports_on_duplicate_key_update?
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