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Support for the oracle_enhanced adapter #23

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Hi zdennis,

I've got all but 2 of the tests passing for oracle_enhanced.The failures are:

test: #import should import with a single insert(#import)
test: #supports_imports? should support import(#supports_imports?)

I disabled supports_import for oracle_enhanced because Oracle is rather more complicated in how it handles bulk inserts. Hopefully I'll have time to add benchmarking and experiment with some different approaches - parameter binding, pl/sql, sqlldr, etc.

I also had to change how you determine the current adapter because oracle_enhanced doesn't have a @config attribute. Hopefully connection.adapter_name.underscore also works for the other adapters.



Steve Halasz added some commits May 26, 2011
Steve Halasz Create oracle enhanced adapter aa7dc7b
Steve Halasz Get rake test:oracle_enhanced running (but not passing :) a05e49b
Steve Halasz Get tests passing for oracle_enhanced adapter. Correct next_value_for…
…_sequence. Do not support bulk inserts (yet). Check for primary_key in column_names as a symbol also, because sometimes the array contains symbols instead of strings.
Steve Halasz Remove supports_imports? tests for oracle_enhanced 9ef3e1a

This pull request loves you. Let me know if I can do anything to make it better.

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