Adds JDBC Support for MS-SQL #75

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zdennis commented Feb 11, 2013

Can you rebase master and re-push? I'd love to get this in!


I hope I did it right. That was my first foray into rebase. Please let me know if I've screwed it up.


I am waiting for the supporting to ms sqlserver.
Thanks for your help.




What happened with this pull request?


+1 -- would really love to see this get merged.



sytong commented Mar 10, 2014

Will this be available in 0.3.x series?


Any chance of getting this merged in? Been using this myself for a month now without issues.

zdennis commented Mar 25, 2014

@Slowfib, it's not merge-able atm. I will need to look at later or have someone fix it up and re-submit.

@keeguon keeguon referenced this pull request Sep 1, 2015

Support for SQL Server #201

jkowens commented Oct 31, 2016

Thanks for your work. I'm closing this PR since this feature is continued on by #201.

@jkowens jkowens closed this Oct 31, 2016
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