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To run the benchmarks, from within the benchmarks run:
   ruby benchmark.rb [options]

The following options are supported:
  --adapter [String]   The database adapter to use. IE: mysql, postgresql, oracle
  --do-not-delete       By default all records in the benchmark tables will be deleted at the end of the benchmark. This flag indicates not to delete the benchmark data.
  --num [Integer]      The number of objects to benchmark. (Required!)
  --table-type [String]  The table type to test. This can be used multiple times. By default it is all table types.
  --to-csv [String]      Print results in a CSV file format
  --to-html [String]     Print results in HTML format (String filename must be supplied)

See "ruby benchmark.rb -h" for the complete listing of options.

To output to html format:
  ruby benchmark.rb --adapter=mysql --to-html=results.html

To output to csv format:
  ruby benchmark.rb --adapter=mysql --to-csv=results.csv

Currently MySQL is the only supported adapter to benchmark.

Zach Dennis

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