Commandline Arguments

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Most configuration should be done using the Git configuration settings (see Configuring). But, in the case you need to override those for a specific command:

Argument Description
-k 9a9a9a9a9a9a9a OR --api-key=9a9a9a9a9a9a9a Override Pivotal API token
-p 87643 OR --project-id=87643 Override Pivotal project id
-n "Zach Dennis" OR --full-name="Zach Dennis" Override full name
-b develop OR --integration-branch=develop Override integration branch
-m OR --only-mine Include only your stories from Pivotal
-S OR --use-ssl Use SSL when contacting to Pivotal for the current command
-a OR --append-name Append story name to branch name instead of story id
-D OR --defaults Quietly accept defaults rather than ask user
-q OR --quiet Run quietly, not interaction mode
-v OR -verbose Run verbosely (verbose is by default)
--no-verbose Do not verbosely