experimental repository for building tesserac-ocr with mingw32 compiler
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This experimental test to compile tesseract 3.02 (svn revision 738) and leptonica 1.69 with mingw on Windows (XP SP3). Library was created in mingw+msys environment,

Tesseract include files was identified by Tom Powers in tesserac-ocr 3.01 - maybe some file is missing.

Nothing is guaranteed - use it on your own risk (or benefit ;-) ). Improvements and forks are welcomed!


There is the ApiExample.cpp file. It shows a simple usage of library. It can be compiled with:

g++ ApiExample.cpp -o bin/ApiExample -D__BLOB_T_DEFINED -llept -ltesseract

Then run:

bin\ApiExample phototest.tif

There is also the project file for QT Creator ApiExample.pro. It shows how to use tesseract-ocr and leptonica libraries within QT Creator (there is no QT4 usage example). Unfortunately QT Creator do not show console output within its Application Output.