Script to get information about BigQuery Public Datasets
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BigQuery Public Datasets Metadata

BigQuery Public Datasets Metadata table

table is public and it can be accessed under

project: adventures-on-gcp
dataset: bigquery_public_datasets
table: bq_public_metadata

this repository contains script which gets metadata from BigQuery public repositories and stores them into separate BigQuery table.

It can be also deployed as Google Cloud Function and hooked up through Pub/Sub and initiated from Cloud Scheduler.


If you want to deploy this on your own there are some variables which need to be configured for file based on

Deployment of Cloud Function

using Google Cloud SDK:

gcloud functions deploy bq_public_metadata --runtime python37 --trigger-topic <pub-sub-topic> --timeout 540

where <pub-sub-topic> is name of Pub/Sub topic which triggers Cloud Function and should be created beforehand

Additional information

More about this project is written on

GCP projects with public data in BigQuery are listed in file projects_list.txt. Feel free to crete pull request or write me message in case there is some public dataset which is not listed.