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⬢ ZUI – CGI+DHTML-like User Interface Library for Zsh / ZCurses

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This is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) textual user interface library for Zsh. It in many aspects resembles typical CGI+(D)HTML setup. There are:

  • generators ran on "server" side (basic Zshell-code that is just generating text!),
  • event loop that turns the generated text into document with active elements (buttons, anchors, toggle buttons, text fields, list boxes),
  • mechanism to regenerate document parts from the original generators.

So, a Zshell code generates text. It is then turned into document with hyperlinks. DHTML-like calls are possible that will regenerate document parts on the fly. Page can be also reloaded with input data, just like an HTML page.

Learning Zsh

ZUI will allow you to learn Zsh at advanced level. The library uses Zshell as e.g. Ruby. To write a functional program in Ruby, you need to know the language. To write a command or alias in Zsh, you can spend years not learning anything new. With ZUI you will learn how to use coproc, patterns with (#b) flag, Zstyles, arrays, hashes and various substitutions. That said, examples are there to make the process easy, and problems have easy and advanced way of solving.


The API consists of Standard Library, Utilities Library and Callbacks. You normally want few calls from Standard Library – to create buttons and regenerate document parts, and one or two callbacks. Fastest way to learn ZUI is to look at Hello World example and other example codes like the timeout example.

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