Access to Android's GUI with Hecl

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Testing management

  • If the Hecl script script.hcl contains just the line:
source /sdcard/myscript.hcl

then you can push your changes to myscript.hcl with

adb push myscript.hcl /sdcard/myscript.hcl

and restart the app on the emulator.

  • Install the application on sdcard

Change the header in AndroidManifest.xml to:

<manifest xmlns:android=""
  • Script changes are not accepted by repeated restart of the app

Try to click “Force Stop” in Settings → Applications

Displaying text in widget textview

set context [activity]  ;# an activity is a Android screen
set layout [linearlayout -new $context]
$layout setorientation VERTICAL ;# Note: view can be changed by click
set layoutparams [linearlayoutparams -new {FILL_PARENT WRAP_CONTENT}]

set tv [textview -new $context -text {Here is Password Gorilla for Android

First tests with text formatting

The text is set to green color and to italic style} -layoutparams $layoutparams ]

$tv setTypeface SERIF 2
$tv append "\n\tappend a line with a tab"
# $tv settext "" ;# clear screen
# for color definitions see:
$tv settextcolor -16711936

$layout addview $tv
[activity] setcontentview $layout

Here is a screenshot:

Screenshot according to commit: First GUI attempt: listview + menu (5d8e9ba690)