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Newbie Questions

  1. Are There any plans to add the Password Safe ‘Additional’ tab in the edit dialog? I use PS a lot to bring up putty windows with various hosts and user names. The ‘Additional’ tab allows one to specify a program to run and a way to reference fields defined in its ‘Basic’ tab. It appears with Gorilla this is currently not possible.
  1. Are there any plans to support Yubico Yubikeys? Like this: https://www.yubico.com/press/press-releases/leading-open-source-password-manager-password-safe-implements-yubikey-support-2/ ?
  1. On the GUI characters are to small. How can one set up bigger characters on a GNU/Linux operating system?

Why Tcl?

(in work …)

- crossplatform

- Inline C with critcl

- Tk

- interactive

- stable, quick

- flexibility: everything is a command