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How to clear the database history?

Just push the Clear button in the Preferences:General notebook tab or delete the lines beginning with lru= in the gorillarc. The next time you start Password Gorilla the history is clear.

Are there any command line options for Password Gorilla?

Yes, but they are rather rudimentary

gorilla --help
usage: /home/dia/Projekte/git/gorilla/sources/gorilla.tcl [Options] [<database>]
		--rc <name>	 Use <name> as configuration file (not the Registry).
		--norc				Do not use a configuration file (or the Registry).
		<database>		Open <database> on startup

If there is need for a command line version the wish could be listed on the wishlist wiki page. Perhaps something like

gorilla --get <database> --find <entry> --output <password> --clipboard 

I liked the gorilla icon in the Login Dialog. Can I get it back?

Yes, since version Try the checkbutton “Show gorilla icon” in the Preferences:Display tab. The next time you start you will see it.

How to localize Password Gorilla?

Since version Password Gorilla is using the GNU gettext utility. If you would like to contribute in adding a new catalog file (at the moment there are catalog files for German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian language), just download the file gorilla.pot from the https://github.com/zdia/gorilla/tree/master/utilities/gettext folder and edit it with your favorite editor or a specialized editor like Poedit.

The gorilla.pot file will have entries like these:

menuid "File"
menustr ""

If you want e.g. to create a German catalog file you would write then:

menuid "File"
menustr "Datenbank"

and save it as de.po.

That’s all, from the technical point. You send us the catalog file and we add it to the distribution.

If you would like to translate the help manual look for the file utilities/help2po/help.pot. This is the basic template file which you can save as your lang.po message file.

What about Password Gorilla and the smartphones?

Well, in regard to Apple’s smartphone family there are special licence problems. Apple doesn’t allow interpreters to perform scripts on their hardware in order to avoid security problems. Whereas on the Android family there wouldn’t be licence issues.

In addition Google offers a well documented SDK for developing applications with an Android emulator. So there is a plan to port Password Gorilla to the Android system. Unfortunately there is no Tk for Android so the first steps in porting Gorilla to Android will be to develop a command line version for Password Gorilla.

If you would like to know about the progress in this project, please, look at the Wiki pages.

Where do I go to ask newbie questions?

[RLE] Good question, and at the moment, unanswered. Github, to the best of my knowledge, does not have any kind of forum/mail-list support, so such will have to come from elsewhere.

For the moment, we could create a “Forum” page in the wiki, but that is not a long term solution by any means.

Ah, there is a “Discussions” page in the wiki here on github already. So for now, ask your questions on that page.