MacOS Gatekeeper

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2016-05-28 – Gatekeeper round 2:

Github user @dspruell reported issue #154 that the below control+click method of bypassing Gatekeeper no longer seems to work with OS X 10.10.5 Yosimite. After some Google searching it was discovered that deleting a filesystem extended attribute from the “Password” directory will disable Gatekeeper and allow Password Gorilla to start. Github user @bellbrad13 confirmed that this fix worked on a fresh download.

The steps are:
1. Download the Mac Password Gorilla distribution zip file
2. Extract the “Password” bundle from the downloaded zip file.
3. Open Terminal, and if not in the directory containing the extracted “Password” bundle, perform a “cd …” to the location of the app. bundle. The ellipsis “…” above would be replaced by the path on your system to where the app. bundle resides.
4. Then run this command on the app. bundle directory:

xattr -d Password\

Once this command is run on the app. bundle directory Password Gorilla should launch with no complaints from Gatekeeper.

2014-10-22 – More Gatekeeper info:

Github user @etillier provided the following information on how to bypass Gatekeeper without fully disabling it:

If you don’t want to enable “allow apps downloaded from anywhere” in system preferences, you can just press the control key and click on the app. Chose Open in the menu. This creates an exception in your security setting just for that app, and from then on you can just click on it to open it.

2013-12-10 – MacOS Gatekeeper news:

It seems that MacOS now has a feature called “Gatekeeper” which prevents third party applications from running on MacOS. If you are having trouble getting Password Gorilla to run on a newer MacOS, try turning off Gatekeeper.

You can find Gatekeeper settings in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.

To disable Gatekeeper, click on the lock on the lower left of the window and type in your system password.

By default Gatekeeper will only open apps purchased and downloaded from the Mac App Store or from a list of “identified developers” that have been given the ok from Apple by obtaining a unique Developer ID. To install other apps, select the option to install from Anywhere.

You can turn Gatekeeper back on after you have installed Password Gorilla.
(Thanks to github user etillier for the explanation on how to turn Gatekeeper off.)

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