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jNottery is a jQuery plugin that lets you add notes and markers to webpages. All the data is encoded as a part of an URL which makes it easy to share or save.

The library consists of 3 independent modules:

  • core: hash encoder/decoder, notes manager
  • tooltip: fully styled tooltip designed to be comaptible with core
  • vendor: connectors with external services

Current version is marked as pre-alpha and might be unstable.

For more info go to



  • custom note params
  • serializing forms content
  • support for standalone markers - make notes optional
  • add autosize plugin to tooltip's input
  • support for nested selectable blocks
  • optimization, cut down the library size
  • support for multiple independent tooltips
  • UX improvements - allow user to choose whether one or all notes on webpage will be shared
  • multiple notes for single element or selection
  • refactor note-selection bindings
  • fix security vulnerabilities - add protection from code injection
  • prepare framework for building custom tooltips