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RTMapperSDK is the c++ sdk for application development like RTMapper. It handle images captured with UAVs and outputs ortho mosaic at realtime.
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1. Introduction

RTMapperSDK is a cross platform development SDK for RTMapperDesktop. It is developed with C++ and now supports both Linux & Windows x64 system enviroment. It use the GSLAM which is well designed to support different SLAM & SfM applications with the same APIs. RTMapperSDK needs images with GPS information as input while output both the pointcloud&ortho map at realtime.

Download from website:

2. Examples

Currently, thereare two examples:

  • Console example: run in console, without GUI interface. If you want just compile this example, please comment the line set(BUILD_EXAMPLE_QT TRUE) in CMakeLists.txt
  • Qt example: with a Qt GUI interface, showing the map in real-time.

3. Compile example codes

3.1. Compile on Linux

3.2. Compile on Windows with CMake+VS2017+Qt5.9.4

3.3. Compile with MinGW64 on Windows

4. Usages

4.1. Registration

When the SDK is not registed, it can only handle less than 30 keyframes and zoom less than 18. If you want to process more images with higher resolution, registration is needed using RTMapperDesktop.

4.2. Run with Datasets

  1. Run DroneMap Dataset

Download sample dataset with git:

git clone

Run dataset:

./sample Dataset=path_of_dataset/phantom3-village-kfs/config.cfg

More dronemap datasets can be found at :

  1. Run images Dataset
./sample conf=_sampletop_/data/mavic-factory/mavic-factory.imgs

4.3. Demostration of outputs

  1. png & kml png and kml file can be exported with code:

The kml file can be imported to GoogleEarth:

  1. tif

tif file can be exported with code:


The geotiff file can be imported to GIS systems such as ArcGis, QGis .etc.

  1. ply

ply file can be exported with code:


The pointcloud file can be opened with softwares like meshlab.

4.4. Parameters

The sample use Svar to config parameters. Users can modify the "Default.cfg" file or use code to set parameters.

Some of Parameters used by RTMapperSDK are listed below.

Parameter Name Default Interval Description
SLAM.isOnline 0 0: offline 2: online
SLAM.nFeature 1000 1000-4000 desired keypoint number
SLAM.LostRestart 10 0-1e10 seconds slam tryed to relocalize
SLAM.MaxOverlap 0.92 0.7-0.99 Overlap percentage
Map2DFusion.CacheFolder . the folder need to be edited mannally
Map2DFusion.Coordinate GPS GPS GCJ GCJ for GaoDe and GoogleChina
Map2DFusion.MaxZoom 19 17-23 The map level of Map2DFusion
Map2DFusion.Thread 0 0: offline datasets 1: online datasets
Map2DFusion.CacheMB 1000 200-8000 size of map cache, should not be too small
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