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This releases contains a lot of bug fixes, as well as improvements to the UI and application performance. See the link above for the complete list of changes. The most interesting changes are listed below.

New Features:

  • Dedicated docset management UI available via Tools -> Docsets.... (#354)
  • Added portable mode support. (#486)
  • Search results now have two icons per item: docset and symbol type.
  • New search term highlighting instead of the bold font.
  • Tabs can be cloned with Ctrl+Alt+T. (#524)
  • Remote resources can be open within the application. (#474)
  • Added support for system style icons (FreeDesktop) if available.
  • A new tab can set to open after currently selected one.
  • Dropped support for --query command line parameter. Plugins should have switched to dash-plugin URL scheme by now. Users can invoke search by running zeal <query>.


  • A lot of search performance improvements!
  • Implemented a short delay before starting a search to allow user to finish typing.
  • Added tooltips for elided texts across the app (tabs, search results).
  • Page Up/Page Down now work when search text box is focused.
  • Splitters and tool bars do not override system styling.
  • Splitters cannot be collapsed anymore.
  • Updated symbol type icons and definitions.
  • Main menu updated to be more browser-like.
  • Show current page title in the window title.
  • Better detection of another application instances.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed viewing of Android 7 docset. (#596)
  • Fixed AppIndicator support with Cinnamon DE. (#487)
  • Fixed many crashes in different situations.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab now properly navigates through tabs backwards. (#518)
  • Fixed filename corruption on Windows with non-Latin locale. (#508)
  • Fixed docset list not updating on storage change. (#475)

Known Issues:

  • Under some circumstances Zeal crashes on exit or start. (#595 and #605 )
  • Due to performance optimisations ordering of search results became less relevant. (#603)

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