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This releases contains a lot of bug fixes, as well as improvements to the UI and application performance. See the link above for the complete list of changes. The most interesting changes are listed below.

New Features:

  • Added optional fuzzy search. (#100).
  • Added support for user-defined styles via custom CSS file. (#268)
  • Added support for a basic dark theme (webview only). (#466)
  • Added support for high resolution displays. (#111)
  • Switched to the CMake build system, support for qmake will be dropped shortly.
  • The minimally required Qt version bumped to 5.5.1.
  • As the result of above, libappindicator support is relies on the built-in Qt implementation.
  • Dropped support for Qt WebEngine.
  • Removed dependency on Qt Sql by using SQLite directly.
  • Windows binaries now bundle the new Qt WebKit, which fixes a lot of rendering and stability isses. (#359, #723)
  • Windows binaries are now 64-bit, and built with MSVC 2015.


  • New tabs now have the search box automatically focused. (#725)
  • Added a Retry button to the error box appearing on docset list download failure. (#566)
  • Updated welcome page style (includes a Carbon ad banner, which can be disabled in the settings).

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed search for one-character terms. (#698)
  • Multiple fixes in the search algorithm. (#603, #650, #677)
  • Fixed navigation in some docsets. (#641)
  • Fixed portable version not saving docset storage path. (609)
  • Many rendering and stability issues fixed by switching to the new Qt WebKit. (#359, #723)
  • Fixed MSI installer not removing custom protocol handlers. (#755)

Known Issues:

  • Web pages using Fira Sans (e.g., PHP docset) font are rendered in italic. This is an upstream bug with Qt WebKit (#658)

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