@trollixx trollixx released this Jan 1, 2018 · 97 commits to master since this release

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New Features:

  • Implemented update functionality for docsets installed via XML feeds. (#289)


  • Added show/hide options to the tray icon's menu. (#741)
  • Tabs are movable.
  • Double click on the tab bar creates a new tab.
  • Web view now has a predefined list of zooming level.
  • Linux: Use dedicated tray icon if theme provides one. (#770)
  • Portable version now indicates so in title of the main window.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed search result sorting with fuzzy search disabled. (#679)
  • Fixed invisible file operations preventing the Docsets dialog from closing. (#608)
  • Fixed crashing on some corrupted docset directories. (#788)
  • Fixed the app exiting on its own when a new version is available. (#637)
  • Windows: Fixed app not gaining focus when invoked from IDE plugins. (#440)

Known Issues:

  • Open in new tab doesn't work. (#851)

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