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Datamaps does not have the XKX iso code for kosovo in the database

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petero-dk committed Apr 4, 2019
1 parent c0b4476 commit 6526751ea1a670d149191e6dd698dd115bd8a45d
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
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@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ var data = [
operator : "Telenor", plan : "Go Blue World", url : "",
notes : "",
freeRoamEU : true, freeRoam : ["ALB", "AUS", "BGD", "BRA", "CAN", "VIR", "PHL", "FRO", "GRL", "HKG", "IDN", "ISR", "JPN", "CHN", "XKX", "MYS", "MEX", "MMR", "NZL", "PAK", "PRI", "RUS", "SGP", "LKA", "ZAF", "KOR", "TWN", "THA", "TUR", "UKR", "USA", "VNM"]
freeRoamEU : true, freeRoam : ["ALB", "AUS", "BGD", "BRA", "CAN", "VIR", "PHL", "FRO", "GRL", "HKG", "IDN", "ISR", "JPN", "CHN", /*"XKX"*/ "kosovo", "MYS", "MEX", "MMR", "NZL", "PAK", "PRI", "RUS", "SGP", "LKA", "ZAF", "KOR", "TWN", "THA", "TUR", "UKR", "USA", "VNM"]
operator : "Telenor", plan : "Business+ Tilbud", url : "",

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