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\newcommand{\ownTitleZ}{Untertitel der Arbeit}
\newcommand{\ownAutor}{Stefan Wienert, HTW Dresden}
% Custom hyphenation rules
%\include{parts/partials/glossar} % Glossar definitions
\setstretch{1,25} % is equal to \onehalfspacing
%\setstretch{1,15} % can be made smaller
\pagenumbering{Roman} % Roman page numbers for intro
%\setstretch{1,25} % Entspricht \onehalfspacing
% Thx, preface etcpp
%\thispagestyle{empty} \mbox{}
%\setcounter{page}{-1} % Counter can be reset
\pagenumbering{arabic} % normale page numbering 1 2 3
\input{parts/main_part} % MAIN PART
\include{parts/appendix} % stuff that doesnt fit in main part
% index, lof, lot, lot
% Selbststaendigkeitserklaerung