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Awesome Coupon Codes for KPLABS courses.

Udemy has recently made major changes to their coupon code systems. This completely changes the way in which Instructor can share coupons. Hence I have created this central GitHub page which will have the list of latest coupon codes available for our courses.

Udemy Profile Link for Zeal Vora

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AWS Courses

Sr No Document Link Coupon Code
1 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022 CP-NOV-22
2 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2022 SAA-NOV-22
3 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2022 SAPRO-NOV-22
4 AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty 2022 ANS-NOV-22
5 AWS Certified Security - Specialty 2022 SEC-NOV-22
6 AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional DEVOPS-NOV-22

Container and Orchestration

Sr No Document Link Coupon Code
1 Docker Certified Associate 2022 DCA-NOV-22
2 Certified Kubernetes Administrator 2022 CKA-NOV-22
3 Certified Kubernetes Application Developer 2022 CKAD-NOV-22
4 Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist 2022 CKS-NOV-22

DevOps Courses

Sr No Document Link Coupon Code
1 HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate 2022 TF-NOV-22
2 Nginx - Beginner to Advanced 2022 NGINX-NOV-22
3 Splunk -Beginner to Architect 2022 SPLUNK-NOV-22
4 HashiCorp Certified - Vault Associate 2022 VAULT-NOV-22
5 HashiCorp Certified - Consul Associate 2022 CONSUL-NOV-22

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