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Hello! This is a GhostScroll Fork. Great performance and overall improvement thanks to @hbaughman Please READ "Customization" BEFORE USING! Write me if you like it, problems, features! albi[at]


Purple Slimer

Purple PillVisit My Blog for a DEMO:

  • Ready for Ghost 0.11.4
  • OnePage/Multiple Pages hybrid based on {{tags}}.
  • Navigation.
  • Pagination.
  • Featured Post.
  • Disqus Comments.
  • Site search based on RSS feed. GhostHunter (clone it to .../assets/js/). ghostHunter search engine now uses Ghost Public Api. enable Public Api from Settings/Labs
  • Tag page with tag header background.
  • Posts and pages with header background.
  • FontAwesome.
  • Microdata out of the box.


  • Post characters in Index

    • file: partials/loop.hbs
    • line 25: {{content characters="750"}} // if tags found, show only 700 characters, else all characters are shown.
  • Links in left navigation menu

    • file: partials/menu.hbs
  • Disqus Comments

    • create a Disqus account and get your Disqus Shortname
    • file: assets/js/dsq_comments.js AND assets/js/dsq_comments_count.js
    • FIRST THING TO DO! line 2: change 'twelvepurplepills' with your Disqus Shortname
    • BEWARE of the unique ID, I don't use it.
  • GhostHunter

    • ghostHunter search engine now uses Ghost Public Api. enable Public Api from Settings/Labs
    • You have to git clone GhostHunter project in this dir: .../assets/js/
    • git clone
    • follow the readme
  • FontAwesome. now From CDN, just type any @fa-example-icon-text@ in ghost editor

  • Header images:

    • add a page/post/tag image in order to display it as post header background
    • change your user cover in order to display author cover on your author page
  • Google webmaster site verification code:

    • Change or remove line 7 in "default.hsb"
  • Favicon

    • Add your "favicon.ico" in the "assets/images" folder and change line 11 in file "default.hbs" if needed


Feel free to use this theme, just write me and let me know! albi[at]


Purple Slimer - A free hybrid one/multiple page Ghost theme based on GhostScroll




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