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itdepends seeks to bridge the code-model gap as described by George Fairbanks, and thus may be considered an Architecture Development Environment. The software accompanies an article on CodeProject and is written in Python 3.

The basis of the software is the manipulation of dependencies between units of code. The directly supported units are

  • C/C++ source files
  • Python source files

where the dependencies may be acquired from

  • a Microsoft Visual C++ sln file
  • scanning a directory
  • GCC calls from "make -n" or "make V=1"
  • reading a JSON file (that may have been generated using one of the above)

The units are associated with a filter that may be related to the location within the file system. In the specific case of Visual C++ the the Visual C++ filters file associated with the relevant vcxproj file is used. In the other cases there is the option of using a file which specifies a mapping.

For output options are

  • save the dependency information to a JSON file
  • create input for Doxygen
  • append metrics information to a file

Project structure

The Source directory contains

  • - the main script (invoke with -h for help)
  • Plugins - the plugins used by the main script
  • Common - a set of libraries used by the plugins
  • - a script to plot the metrics (invoke with -h for help)

The Examples directory contains

  • Before - the main Doxygen example from CodeProject before refactoring
  • After - the main Doxygen example from CodeProject after refactoring
  • Plotting - the metrics example from CodeProject
  • Python - generation of Doxygen docs from this projects source
  • Linux - generation of Doxygen docs from the Linux kernel 4.6 source
  • Boost - generation of Doxygen docs from the Boost 1.61 source

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