A parser for the Nagios status and object cache files to interact with nagios in real time, to get information out of nagios into other project (i.e. dashboards or custom interfaces)
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This project lives at https://github.com/zebpalmer/NagParser Documentation for it can be found at http://nagparser.readthedocs.org/

These scripts were a small subset of a larger project and were originally written to parse Nagios status data and integrate it into a real time Operations Dashboard. While most of the dashboard is proprietary we've decided to rip out this parser and offer it to the Nagios community for use in your own projects. Though this was part of a larger project, and has some rough edges as we refactor it into a stand-alone project, the core code is pretty stable and in our environment is run a few hundred thousand times a week on a fairly large nagios data set.

This code is provided under GPLv3 (see LICENSE.txt).

If you do make improvements, please contribute back to this project by submitting a pull request. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, see AUTHORS.txt for contact info.


Please see http://nagparser.readthedocs.org/ for current documentation.