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from qrz import QRZ
def print_keys(key_names, query_result):
Prints results and does not throw exception on queries
like W1AW where fname key does not exist
info = ""
for key_name in key_names:
if key_name in query_result:
info += query_result[key_name] + " "
print info
if __name__=='__main__':
qrz = QRZ('./settings.cfg')
result = qrz.callsign("w7atc")
print_keys(['fname', 'name'], result)
print_keys(['addr2', 'state'], result)
print_keys(['country'], result)
# Show all the data available from
print '-' * 50
for dict_key, dict_value in sorted(result.items()):
print u'{0}: {1}'.format(dict_key, dict_value)
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