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Zebpay rest client and Zebpay Model will also be available as nuget.

How to Install

PM> Install-Package Zebpay.RestClient

How to Use

  • Generate your key at , under My APplications Page (Web or Console/backed) to generate clientid, clientsecret, scope, and apiSecret and zebpaysubscriptionkey.

1. Configure all values as app setting

              "ZebpaySettings": {
                //LIVE URL's -- Login to to get your own credentials
                //"BaseApiUrl": "",
                //"BaseAuthUrl": "",

                //Sandbox URL's -- Login to to get your own credentials
                "BaseApiUrl": "",
                "BaseAuthUrl": "",

                "ClientId": "xxxx-xxxx-xxx", //TODO: Change the value to your actual ClientId
                "ClientSecret": "xxxx-xxxx-xxx", //TODO: Change the value to your actual ClientSecret
                "ApiSecret": "xxxx-xxxx-xxx", //TODO: Change the value to your actual ApiSecret
                "ZebpaySubscriptionKey": "xxxx-xxxx-xxx", //TODO: Change the value to your actual zebpay subscription key
                "AllowedScopes": "xxxx-xxxx-xxx",

                //Configure AccessToken & RefreshToken only you have already have it saved, the one retrieved from Zebpay Auth Server
                "AccessToken": "", //Generate user token and paste here
                "RefreshToken": "", //Generate refresh token and paste here,

                //These settings will be used once in a lifetime for a "ClientId-User" combination, and will be ignored in all subsequent times
                "DailyTradeLimit": "500000",
                "TotalTradeLimit": "5000000"

2. Initialize Zebpay Client

            var zebpayRestClient = new Zebpay.RestClient.ZebClient(Configuration, userToken, refreshToken);    

3. Login to receive an access token, use below methods in a sequential way

            var loginResponse = zebpayRestClient.Login(countryCode, mobileNumber).Result;
            var otpResponse = zebpayRestClient.VerifyOTP(otp, loginResponse.Data.verification_code).Result;
            var authResponse = zebpayRestClient.VerifyPin(pin, otpResponse.Data.verification_code).Result;

            var accessToken = authResponse.Data.access_token;
            var refreshToken = authResponse.Data.refresh_token; //you will get this only if you are allowed for offline access   

4. Reinitialize our restclient with usertoken now

            zebpayRestClient = new Zebpay.RestClient.ZebClient(Configuration, accessToken, null);     

5. Call any API just by using our helper methods

            //Get Balance of any pair
            var tradeBalanceResponse = zebpayRestClient.Balance(tradePair).Result;
            //Get list of orders
            //All parameters below are optional
            var getAllOrdersresponse = zebpayRestClient.Orders(tradePair, orderId, status, page, limit).Result;
            //Create New Order
            //side can be ask/bid
            var createNewOrderRequest = new OrderRequest { trade_pair = tradepair, size = size, price = price, side = "ask" };
            var response = zebpayRestClient.Create(createNewOrderRequest).Result;

            //Get order details by Id (Fills)
            var orderFillsResponse = zebpayRestClient.Fills(orderId).Result;
            //Cancel a pending order
            var orderCancelResponse = zebpayRestClient.Cancel(orderId).Result;